2024 Greetings

I am happy to report from New York City that I am becoming more acclimated and energetic to its particular beat. Obviously, there is an abundant wealth of music-making here. I hope to contribute to it, and innovate because of it as well.

I remain committed to learning and premiering new repertoire. It keeps my fingers in training, my ears wide open, and my students better informed. Along these lines, Access To Music, launched in the Twin Cities, continues to grow. More information can be found on the ATM website pages.

Additionally, I am an Artistic Director of a 3-day retreat and music festival for practicing pianists and teachers. In 2021, it was located on the spectacular campus of St. John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota. Now in its fifth year, co-director Jill Kilzer and I look forward to its growth and welcome inquiries. The website can be found at musicat10000lakes.com.

With each passing season, I burrow even deeper into the works of Beethoven and Rachmaninoff. I admit to being lopsided in my repertoire at this juncture. But what a wonderful place to capsize, should that happen.

As always, my best wishes for a prosperous musical, academic or personal upcoming season. I welcome hearing from you whenever you might have a thought to share.


Elizabeth Wolff Musical Score